Friday 3 May 2013

A little bit of sportlots

A selection of hockey cards from my most recent mailday. Minimum verbosity this morning as Expo goodies await!
Finally, this one drops into my mask binder and off my top 10 wantlist.

A pair of cards for my Ottawa Senators collection. I was amazed I didn't have a Chara card beforehand. But the only singles I had were in sets. The only extras I had were Bruins cards. So, why not add one that I didn't have?

And a trio for my Kitchener Rangers alumni set. Darren Rumble might have one of the better names to get on the back of your jersey. There were plenty of cards from the junk wax era for him, but there was only one from later in his career when he returned to the NHL. Variety is the spice of life, so I elected for that one. Torchia was a goalie on their Memorial Cup finalist team in 1990, but didn't make it in the NHL for very long. 6 games only. No memories for me of Foster, as he was before my time.

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