Tuesday 14 May 2013

Spring Expo Goodies Post #7

Without sounding too much like the great Val Venis, "Hello, Ladies!"
This checklist card from the 1994 Ted Williams set was a card I pulled from a repack a few weeks ago. Nothing but the list, but I was intrigued enough to note it, and put it as part of my wantlist. Sure enough, looking through a bin at the expo, I noticed the entire portion of the subset. A buck for all 8 cards? Sure thing!
Nickie Fox is the only one of the ladies featured in this set that is still living. She also fits into the Canadians portion of my collection, as she is from Alberta. She's also part of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, along with all the other Canadian ladies of the AAGPBL. That reminds me. It has been a little while since I've been to St. Mary's.
This is one of the stranger cards in the subset, which you'll really need to see the back of the card to see why.

When you just look at the numbers on the back of the card, she seems like a bizarre inclusion. Perhaps that's why she has a nickname that appears so unflattering. But then you look at the short bio, and see her pitching line, you have to wonder why they don't include that instead of the batting #s. It turns out she really only pitched full-time for a couple seasons. That explains that.
And here's the rest of the subset.
201 Stolen Bases? Yikes.

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