Thursday 14 January 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 3.3 - Being S-Pacfic

After a short break, back to the repack box. Another 3 packs this time, hitting the 3 packs of Pacific brand cards in this box. And to keep the theme of 3s, each pack had 3 cards each in it.
I didn't really plan to scan the packs this time, but liked the fact that Patrick Lalime made the packaging this time around. The other packs besides this Adrenaline are Titanium and Atomic, both from the same release year.
Here's the adrenaline cards, and I'm really happy to bat 3 for 3 with these cards. A pair of mask binder cards and an Ottawa Senator. I haven't really done counts, but Rick DiPietro is a contender for the guy I've got the most cards of in all the binders combined.
While I'm usually happy to see a Milan Hejduk appear, this one is a dupe for the 2-14 collection. I really love this design, and wouldn't mind seeing something like this make a return where the die-cut is done with the team's logo.
And the Titanium 3-pack. But this Milan Hejuk was a need, and is card #102 of his for my 2-14 collection.

No complaints about getting a new Milan Hejduk card for the 2-14 collection.

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