Monday 25 January 2016

PWE Chronicles: Week of 1/18

Two PWEs showed up this past week, and in my determination to keep on top of things, I'm going to handle these before I get to stuff from the flea market this past weekend.

First up, some zistle trading.
I'm always happy to welcome new cards to the 2/14 collection, especially when it adds a new vintage card to my collection. With this Larry Seiple card, and the 1974 Topps card on the way from COMC, that means I will only need his 1977 Topps Mexican card (DELFINES!) to complete his cardboard run. As dor Graham, this is my 11th card of his.
And the third card is a new Raptors card. The black diamond-ish etching on this really makes it shiny in hand.

The second PWE was from Mark @ This Way To The Clubhouse.
Even Senators-loving me can like this Leafs card. A great design with the team name window, and the throwback uniform Kessel is sporting. Being interested in a photo on a hit is a rarity, but this one makes it so.
If I were the type to chase a one page rainbow for a card, this one might be the one I opt for. It is someone who there isn't a major demand for in the collecting universe, but it is still a great photo on the card.
Shiny! It looks like David Price will be in '16 Series 1, still as a Blue Jay, so I can still add one more card of his to my Jays PC. I'm really happy to add these Chrome Updates to my collections, since packs of these aren't readily available on this side of the border.
Josh, on the other hand, should still have many more cards of his to add in Blue Jays colours.
And finally, two more Jays cards to wrap things up. Much like with the Chromes, I don't see much of the Spring Fever stuff up here. Finally, there's a nice Joe Carter for his PC. I feel I've been slacking in additions to that lately, so it is nice to add even one new card.

And there you go!

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