Monday 18 January 2016

Another Masked Monday

Seems like the perfect alliterative option for showing more cards from the COMC "to be posted" file.
While this 2014 card will not be the oldest card in the mask collection, it will likely be the oldest picture in it. The description on the back traces this to 1929, when Clint Benedict became the first goaltender to wear a face mask during a game in the NHL, albeit only on a temporary basis.
Up next, a very patriotic mask from John Davidson. This is one of those scratched-off 1980 Topps cards, which was the worst gimmick for cards ever. Damage a card to find out who the player is? I'd take hideous 90s designs over that any day.
Gotta love an appearance from Godzilla!
This one wasn't picked up as much for the mask photo as for the snowy spectacle of the photograph. I'll easily agree with Shane @ Shoebox Legends in that these subsets are just amazing.
Of course, baseball masks with great paint jobs from the 00s also qualify for the binders. Why wouldn't they?
And to wrap this up, a nice orange relic that I got only because it was the cheapest option that showed this mask's paint job. For the Winter Classic, Ilya's mask saluted memorable members of Philly's 4 teams. On this side, Bobby Clarke and Dr. J. Mike Schmidt and Reggie White are on the other side. But, one more snuck on, as the Philly Phanatic is onto the chin on it. I love mascot themed cards, and even this cameo is enough for me to count it as a mascot card.

And there you have it - more chances to check my cards out.


  1. That Crow is majestic! Meanwhile, Benedict looks like he's about to say "hello, Clarice."

  2. Some awesome stuff there. I need to get myself a copy of that Clint Benedict, and of course that Crawford is great too. Totally agree with you on '80-81 Topps too, that set has always bugged me so much.