Sunday 3 January 2016

On The Walk of Fame

When it comes to adding cards to the 2/14 collection, any port in a storm will do for some people. Hollywood-themed cards are part of this quite frequently, where autographed cards tend to command a sum far beyond what I want to pay. So, I'm happy with a card or two from a release of their TV show or film. 2-14-94 (that's 1894) baby Jack Benny did have a couple cards from the time he was still alive, but I didn't want to spend $15 to add him.

I guess it is appropriate that I was cheap for a card for Jack Benny.

However, a couple dollars to add a card that was from some sort of 1987 board game is more my speed.
He really should have been #39 in the set.

I'm guessing he's the first person with his footprints immortalized outside Grauman's to make the binder.


  1. I got your cheap reference. Great inscription in the cement.

  2. I believe the Marx Brothers worked with Jack in vaudeville when he was going by the name, Benny K. Benny. If I'm not getting my stories mixed up.