Saturday 9 January 2016

Just One Pack of 2015 Prizm Football

Firstly, I must pimp the excellent series of columns at highlighting the chaos, idiocy and all-round good times had at the tailgates in Orchard Park this season. You will notice that very few, if any, references to the games themselves are contained in the article. With the Bills, that's as is should be.

And yes, the video of the guy setting himself on fire in a poor imitation of a Tibetan monk is part of the article.

And now, the pack.
I think this has been sitting in the "post this" pile for at least a month. Now is as good a time as any to catch up.

First card out:
Is already set aside for whenever I send a new mailing to Bob Walk the Plank.
The next 6 card were all standard base cards. The big highlight is a new Sammy Watkins card for the Bills binder, and the bumblebee uniforms for the miscellaneous binder.
The backs are the same design as on basketball. Or should I basketball is the same as the football, since the football was the earlier release.

On to the shiny, coloured parallels.
And the first is reserved to be sent to Too Many Manninghams. This is the violet parallel, and is not numbered.
And neither is this blue parallel numbered. Solely using COMC availability as a guide, the violet are rarer than the blue.
And a trio of rookies ends the pack.

Tomorrow, two more packs that have been waiting a couple months each to show up as well!

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  1. That purple Woodson is great. Sunset card of a good player.