Tuesday 19 January 2016

More Raptors!

Time to get caught up with some of the Raptors group break goodies that have shown up over the past week or so. Both of these are from mojobreak, as usual for me.
The Court Kings break was a great chance for me to start a PC of the latest Raptors top draft pick. Surprisingly, I didn't land any Raptors base cards in this break (or maybe I did, read on), but I did get some inserts and parallels. Last year, the black and white parallels were numbered to /49 and came at a rate of about one per case. This season, they are /175 and a little easier to land one of these beauties for your collection.
And if I add a numbered card to my collection, a numbered relic is the perfect thing to go with it.
And even better, my first autograph of Delon Wright also joins my collection. Not memorable penmanship, but it is a nice looking on-card autograph and it the design does work nicely to allow for a large space for the auto.
And here came the problem. There was only one non-numbered, non-hit card among the cards, and it was this. And the problem is quite visible in the lower corner of the card. Yup. This was one of those packages that came wrapped in the "Sorry, we screwed up" plastic wrapping from the USPS. The package had a nasty encounter with some sort of gouging device at the post office. This card got a nasty corner and also has an imprint down the left side that is more visible in hand than in scan. The back was also torn off the hard top loader that the relic card was in. Fortunately, that had no noticeable damage to it.

But, at least the package didn't go to New Zealand.

When it comes to Totally Certified, I did much better in terms of base cards:'
The etching on the silver doesn't show up in the scan, but it does look nice in hand.

I only got one hit out of the product, but it was a nice one.

Since Court Kings included an auto from the Raptors most recent #1 draft pick...
what better way to contrast it than with an on-card auto from their first ever draft pick? This is a Camo Mirror parallel, and is #'d to just 25.

Some beautiful new Raptors cards in my collection, and I'm really happy about the Stoudamire since one of his would easily be one of my top wants in the team's relatively short history.

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  1. Those old Raptors jerseys were so cool. Carroll is a hell of a player.