Friday 15 January 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 3.4 - All Aboard The Flagship

Continuing on with the box, and 3 packs from Upper Deck's flagship set await this time.
And with this group, at least I know how much at least one of these was originally going for. I'm not in the most verbose of moods today, so just some of the highlights from each pack.
A nice start for me from the 09-10 pack. I'd probably not be too mad grabbing a pack for $4.99 at 7-11 if I'd pull a Senators card from the insert set, and a Young Guns card of someone who is still active in the NHL. That's also it for YG cards in the 3 packs, but things still worked out nicely.
This pack felt a little thicker than the others, but not too thick, so I assumed a canvas insert awaited me within. I was right! Although the photo choices on canvas usually are an improvement over the base, but not really here. The vote here probably would go to the original base card.
No YG from the Double Rookie Class season, but a couple mask binder cards are nice. Note that Joey MacDonald is still wearing his Red Wings mask while in goal for the Flames. And that insert is pretty nice as well.

3 packs left to go and this box will be done.

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