Thursday 17 December 2015

Four if by Sportlots

Because four is the exact number of cards you can buy before the shipping cost from US buyers goes through the roof. Simple! Although all these are hockey, they were from a US source.
A one card personification of the Broad Street Bullies days. And Orest wasn't really one of the main hell raisers over the 70s, putting up only 465 PIM over his Flyers tenure. Still, you have to love the appearance of battle scars on a 70s card.
2-14 card! And a parallel as well. Card #112 of Marian.
Darned if I remember which blog I saw this card at, but if you are going to have a card featuring a player's backside, this is a way to do it. The only complaint is that the angle makes the arena in San Jose look so tiny as the teeth block out any hint of there being anything beyond one level to the arena.
And let's wrap this up with an always welcome appearance of the Stanley Cup. But, considering the final was between the Red Wings and Devils, why is the Canadian flag on the t-shirt? The folks in Gabon that got the Red Wings ones must have really been confused.

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