Monday 7 December 2015

Bills! Bills! Bills!

The title can only mean one thing - I've reached into my To Be Posted box, and pulled all the Bills from it.
This is the back of the card.
This is the front of the card. This will be back-to-front in the Bills binder. If you don't know my reasons, you don't know my collecting habits.
Here, we don't have a card. We have a Pro Magnet. I had to choose between adding this one to my collection for about 50 cents worth of COMC credit, or a Jim Kelly or a Bruce Smith for several times that. Despite the fact the latter two are among the guys I heavily PC, I still made the right decision.
But that's not to say my collection didn't add at least one card of Bruuuuuuuuce.
When Kyle Orton retired at the end of last season, I picked this one up simply because I wanted a card of him as a Bill for my collection, but simply thought that the companies wouldn't issue one of him in their 2015 releases due to the retirement. Turns out he has shown up on a team leaders card in Score, and even on a solo card in Topps Inception. Oops.
While I didn't add any Jim Kelly to my 2/14 collection from this go through, I did add one more Bills card to my collection.
As a bonus, this copper parallel is numbered to 99.

And there you have it!


  1. Good ol' Orton - he ended up with a much nicer and longer career than I thought he would. With the state of QB's right now, I'm sure he could have another job if he wanted one.