Thursday, 31 December 2015

Wrapping up the year with a Too Many Manninghams trade

Since I've posted the results of many trade envelopes this year, it seems like an appropriate way to wrap up the year. I'd posted a few cards from this envelope so far with my 12/25 Raptors post and my most recent episode of Bills! Bills! Bills!, so it is time to wrap things up with the hockey and baseball.
Let's open with one that dropped off my most wanted list. A standard base card to most that come across this, But if you read this regularly, you'll know that not only is Damaso Marte one of the honoured members of the 2/14 collection, but he's one of three perfect matches in the binder. Furthermore, this makes it so I am only one base card away from completing his base card collection - his 2005 MLB Showdown card.
Team sets! These aren't going into the respective team binders, but will stay in their containers. I did make a slight adjustment in moving the most interesting photo to the front of the holders.
More Mets! Including a swatch of Carlos Beltran's pants! YES!
More Blue Jays! All the Jays are numbered except for the Carter and Baker. The Shannon Stewart has a texture similar to recent Panini 'Kings' releases.
Only one card for my Expos/Vladdy binder, but it is a nice card limited to /66. Strangely, there are about two dozen different parallels of this card. This particular one is the "Made By Donruss" parallel. I think I'll be happy with just 1 of the 20+ variations in the binder.

That's it for the baseball. Onto the hockey!
3 perfect matches in the 2/14 collection, and the second one picking up an addition in this post. If I remember correctly, Upper Deck actually got some grief for letting out an autograph that was just initials at the time. And now, nobody would think twice about pulling an autograph that was just initials. For some folks, it would be an upgrade on what they offer. Rudy Gobert. Trent Murphy. Mike Davis. I'm looking at you.
2/14 autograph #2.
And a whole bunch of Alphiegraphs to wrap this trade up. These are cards 3 through 5 featuring autographs of Alfredsson to enter my collection. All but one have come in envelopes from TMM.

And there you have it. Thanks for the goodies! I've already started to reload for the return package sometime next month!


  1. Happy new year, my Canadian counterpart!

  2. Nice Alfies, that Kozlov doesn't even look like an auto card