Friday, 25 December 2015

12/25 with the Raptors

Although today's NBA schedule doesn't include a Raptors game, I can still use this as an opportunity to keep the theme going by showing off Raptors cards from several sources - trades, COMC, Listia, group breaks and the local card show.
Tomorrow is Boxing Day in Canada. Sales-wise, this is basically Black Friday. Last year, Panini had Boxing Day packs for 12-26. Nothing this year, but Terrence Ross was part of last's release, and the only Raptor in the base set.
My goal to get at least one card from everyone who had one issued as a Raptor gained two new faces, both zero year cards (tm. Nick @ Dime Boxes), of guys who got cards where they were listed as a Raptor, but never played a game for the team. In fact, Tyson only played one more NBA game than I have. Nut that little 'Toronto' font in the upper corner is enough for me.
Alonzo Mourning was part of the Vince Carter deal. He didn't report to the team and was bought out. This trade was easily the worst move of the Rob Babcock GM era for the team. That includes drafting Rafael Araujo. As best my COMCing can tell, this was the only card where Mourning was listed as a Raptor.
Speaking of Vince Carter, here is a nice shiny card of his. It has a rather trippy bulls-eye theme for its background. That fits a basketball theme rather nicely.
This card, from the Treads subset in Past & Present has a slight textured feel to it.
Black and white photo for a retro set = good. Chrome = not so retro.
A group break knocked off the entire team base set out of the new Prizm set. The base players in Hoops also showed up here, along with James Johnson, Norman Powell, and the additional Lowry cards.
Shiny Silver Prizms!
Shiny Purple Prizms! Both of these are /99, and the lowest numbered hits I picked up. The Biyombo is a re-used photo(shop) from Hoops.
Only one Raptors base card from the Prestige box, but I really do like the design with no borders and a full-bleed in-game photo. It is a shame this is a Target only release, since I could see myself busting a blaster or two.
This /199 Norman Powell was the other card. Rookies get this design, which isn't too bad since there were no in-game photos available for this set. You do get a nice shot of the new logo though.
Some college themed cards also came my way. Of course these are Raptors cards for the Raptors binder! Why wouldn't they be?
And finally, it wraps up with a dual relic from Listia. This one was numbered 49/49, but I note that seller didn't put this up as a "Listia 1/1?"

And there you have a Christmas post.

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