Wednesday 23 December 2015

New 2/14 Faces!

And for a rarity with me, all these go into the miscellaneous section of the binder.
Every so often, I do a February 14th search at IMDB to see if anybody appears that has been on some show or in some movie with enough of a following to warrant a card set being issued for it. Kristen Dalton is one of those that came up in my latest search, and since I remembered there were cards for "The Dead Zone", I figured I'd take a look. While I didn't want to shell out $50ish for an autographed card or photo, (although her penmanship is quite nice) this would do in the meantime.
His card appeared while going through the COMC challenges, and becomes my first tennis card in the collection. Guillaume Raoux picked up 5 wins on the ATP tour, 1 singles tourney and 4 doubles ones. He was once ranked 35th in the world, and that's far better than I will I rank at anything remotely athletic.
And a soccer card wraps things up. Much like with Dalton, this card doesn't list Bacary Sagna's birth date on it, but various sites list him as a 2/14 baby, and that's enough for me. He is the 7th soccer player in the collection.

Here's the stats for this portion of the collection, in terms of how many different people are in this portion.

Acting 11
Soccer 7
Golf 4
Wrestling 2
Politics 2
Statehood 2
Journalism 1
Tennis 1
Figure Skating 1

So, welcome three new names to the collection! And there are another three currently in my COMC inventory awaiting shipping.

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  1. There was an obnoxious guy at the pub I ate dinner in last Saturday who was loudly boasting about his birthday being on 2/14. I thought of you and was damn near temped to get his autograph for your collection. lol. Maybe I should have taken a photo and made a custom with it for you. Would've been good for a chuckle.