Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Stacks of Wax Part 3: Last 2 Sterling Packs

Time to wrap this wax busting fest from blowout up.

Pack 5:
This was easily the best of the 6 packs. It opened up with a base rookie card of Joc Pederson.
And the autos. Two on-card and a Carlos Correa. No complaints about these. Flaherty was a first round draft pick of the Cardinals in 2014. He was at A ball last year, going 9-3 with an ERA of 2.84. I'm actually lucky to have landed an on-card here, as many of the autos at COMC were stickergraphs. More accurately, only 2 of the 22 base autos there were on-card. Kyle Freeland's numbers at A weren't on par with Flaherty's, but an on-card auto is always nice of someone slowly advancing through the minors. And Carlos Correa speaks for itself.

Pack 6:
I was due one of these Bowman is Back cards in the box, and it waited until the final pack until A.J. Cole appeared.
Despite the sticker-graphs, some decent names wrap this up. Swihart was in the majors this past season. Kolek was the 2nd overall draft pick in 2014. He didn't have the best numbers in 2015 (4-10, 4.56 ERA), but is still only 19. Cole Tucker is another 1st round pick, and he hit .293 (2 HR, 25 RBI) at A-ball in 2015.
Like Kolek, he is only 19, so there's a lot of potential there as well.

And there you have my foray into a relatively expensive product by my standards. With a Correa and a Conforto, I'm pleased with the results, despite the lack of any colour among the autos.

Tomorrow, the mailbag catch up begins!