Monday 28 December 2015

Nothing Beats Cheap Wax!

For those that didn't think Hoops was low end enough for a basketball release, Panini issued Complete. The configuration is very much like Upper Deck MVP hockey, minus the SPs.
5 cards in a pack. 4 base. 1 silver parallel. Gold parallels fall one to a box, as do inserts. There are hits, but the autographs fall at a rate of one per case. I grabbed two packs of this.
Here's the first pack. Out of 5 cards, landing my first one of DeMarre Carroll in a Raptors uniform, and some CanCon in Robert Sacre is a good way to start. It is also nice to see they didn't scrimp on quality photos, as the Ebanks is a pretty nice shot .
Card backs are actually a little colourful with the team logos. In retrospect, maybe I should have scanned one with more than just a hint of red on the team logo.
Pack 2 isn't quite as interesting for me, but I do like adding the rookie card of Brandon Ashley. He didn't make the team with the Mavericks out of the pre-season and was waived. He's in the D-League now, so this might end up as his only card in any sort of NBA uniform.

My only complaint about this is that the stock used is really thin. 1988 Donruss level thin. But for a set like this and at a low price point, that's a minor beef when one gets a fun, inexpensive break.


  1. Opened a pack from Walmart last night. Was impressed by the look and amused by the thinness. Not even sure the 1988 Donruss level description quite does these things justice.

  2. I like the idea of this product, but hearing about the card stock makes me feel a little sad. Collector's Choice from the 90's is my benchmark for budget products, and that's just a high bar for a new set to reach for. I have to admit that the photography is nice.

  3. I can't argue with a cheap pack, and really like the design. I just wish they would have made the Complete logo just a liiiiittle bit smaller.

  4. I like this idea a lot. With an average of 11 cards per team, it's a nice effort to document the nearly-complete roster of each team at an affordable price. I'll have to look out for it and at least snag the Blazers.

  5. Cheap wax rules! I've slowly been building up my pack stash... and it's filled with cheap wax. Happy New Year!