Monday, 21 December 2015

Insomnia Special! Masked Hits!

I can't sleep, so why not use this time to post some scans of cards on their way to the hits portion of the collection?
Let's start with an auto of one of my favourite masks in recent times. Any Mike Smith mask featuring Wile E. Coyote is a sure thing for my collection. Surprisingly, this is my first hit of his in my collection. I was certain I had a relic out of the Towering Defenders subset, but I guess I was mistaken. The 41 on his mask is his jersey number. The actual US Route 41 goes from Michigan to Florida - nowhere near the Coyotes home.
The rest come from an ebay lot of goalie hits I picked up. There was a 6th card, but it really didn't fit into my collection, so I passed it along to a better home. Going clockwise from the top, Eric Hartzell starts it off. He never played a game for the Penguins, but his time as backup goalie earned him a card. The mask is interesting to me, as he is still wearing his University era mask of the Quinnipiac Bobcats. Next door is Pavelec. It is always nice to get a card where the relic isn't one of the usual shades of blue for the team. Olaf's card is from the 90s decade set, and a look through COMC shows the Godzilla mask with the stars on it appears on cards in the 1998 release. so the photo matches the set. As I've said before, all Red Wings relics should be red in colour. The Rinne is probably the worst card for my mask collection, but it will still be a welcome addition.

And there you have it. One more envelope to recap!

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