Sunday 6 December 2015

Shopping The Neighbourhood

Last Saturday was "Shop The Neighbourhood" day, in which you were supposed to shop at local small businesses. I'm guessing this was an effort to stem Cyber Monday, but I don't need an excuse to visit the LCS.
Which I did, grabbing what will probably be my only pack of Bowman Chrome this year.
The first three cards were the standard base cards. Can't complain about getting an Addison Russell in that mix.
4th card in is an autograph. I know nothing about Spencer Kieboom beyond what googling can tell me, but I love getting a card with a guy named Kieboom. This purple parallel is /150, and falls at a rate of 1:31 jumbo packs.

So, cool name and not exactly an easy pull.
And the other insert added a card to my Mets collection! Even though I have plenty of Brandon Nimmo in my collection, I won't complain about 1 more. Even if he is wearing a goofy, obviously pre-season jersey numbered #77.
And the rest of the base. While the Blue Jays card of the now-Mariner Nick Wells is the highlight, I really like that folks like Scott Kazmir and Torii Hunter get appearances in the base set.

And there's the pack!


  1. at least there was a Dodger on the wrapper

  2. I was going to post a comment here but someone already used my joke.