Friday 18 December 2015

Baseball from Orlando Bolts

Time to start making a dent in the ol' mailbag over the next week or so. I've got 4 packages to work my way through, or 4 1/2 when you count the baseball portion of the package from OrlandoBolts via zistle. And it is that .5 I'm going to remove from my "to be posted" pile today.
Technically, this card doesn't really fit into any of my PCs, at least directly. But Clarence would shorten his name Cito and go on to manage the Blue Jays, so this still will move into one of my binders. Probably the misc. baseball collection.
A whole mix of cards here coming from Stadium Club. I hit the Blue Jays collection, the Expos collection, the Mets collection and the cool photo collection.  I just wish there were parallel of the Griffey for Ken Sr.
More Expos! Condition, schmondition. 
And here's Tim Wallach looking like the guy who hung outside the high school, drove a Camaro, and offered to buy beer for the 16 year old girls. 
And some random Blue Jays to go alongside the earlier Alomar and Sanchez. And oddball food issues rock! Interestingly, at the time, Upper Deck did hockey cards with McDonald's, but the baseball were Donruss. We lived in strange times!
And let's wrap this up with not one, but two new relics for my Carlos Delgado binder. Carlos has made quite a few appearances in 2015 Topps releases, so I now have more opportunities to add new cards to the collection. I've already added one auto on the way from COMC out of Supreme that will be posted sometime in the future.

And there you have it. 


  1. My waistline is probably pretty thankful that one can't find baseball cards at fast food establishments anymore. Lord knows I'd be eating a ton of McDonalds otherwise.