Wednesday 1 April 2015

The First 2015 Trade w/ Too Many Manninghams - Part 3 of 3

And this should put a small cease-fire in envelopes for about a month as I wrap it up with the basketball and hockey additions.
But that should be only she singular for the basketball portion of the trade. Still, one new card for the Raptors binder is better than none. And given that this comes from a time when Davis was wrapping up a spell of several seasons in Toronto, this is likely to be an actual Raptors swatch.

The rest of this was hockey - appropriate with all the hockey I send his way.
I'm not going to complain about junk wax era cards when they'll fit in my Rangers alumni collection. Of which I really need to start culling dupes in sooner rather than later. At least before I hit ship on my latest COMC inventory, which will add a really nice potential centerpiece to the relic portion.
My mask binders were not untouched by this mailing. Good stuff here. Close-ups. Hits. And one of my favourite Senators masks. The three cards on the bottom are all /350. These will all be added to my pre-2005 binder, which goes by the photo, not the card issue date.
And the first 3 will be in the post-2005 collection. The final one's plain mask will put it into the hockey hits binder, but it is a nice 4 colour Kelowna Rockets swatch. I know I watch too much junior hockey when I recognized what team this swatch was from before I even flipped this over.

And two more collections weren't ignored either.
With all the printing plates going back and forth over the past bit, it is only appropriate that these also be a part of the trade. And they were. This is my second Alfredsson plate, both from TMM and both used in the production of this same 2012-13 card. I really need to add one of the actual Titanium GWG cards to my Alfie collection solely for completeness sake.
And 1 plate from the GWG Titanium subset deserves another. This Milan Hejduk was from the previous year's Titanium cards, and is bound for my 2/14 collection. This is the first hockey 1/1 in there, and I only need a baseball one. And unlike with the Alfie, there are plenty of COMC options for adding the actual card to my collection.

And there you have it. Thanks for these goodies. I've already got a pair of Chris Brown hits set aside for the next mailing.

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