Friday 17 April 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 13: Another Dollarama 15

Time to head into the weekend with a Dollarama repack. And because I see no reason not too, I'll scan all the cards.

Visible on the front:

2014 UD - Justin Faulk - A card I needed for my S1 base set.
1992 UD - Don Beaupre - And that's followed with your typically great UD photo.
1990 Bowman - Claude Loiselle - As required by the repack laws.
2000 MVP - Brendan Shanhan - This one was a pleasant surprise, a great player and a set I don't often see in these.
1990 7th Inning Sketch - Les Cataractes de Shawinigan Check List - I can't type up that full description and not show the card.
2001 Topps - Tyler Moss - 29 games over 3 seasons and 2 teams, and they still use the prospect tag.
1994 Parkhurst - Al MacInnis - WOO-HOO! A Rangers alum!
1990 Pro Set - Tom Kurvers - I'm sure the Leafs would have rather had Scott Niedermayer.
1994 UDS - Vyacheslav Kozlov - Not the Kozlov I power collect, but still a cool photo. I love it when none of the player is touching the ice in a shot.
1991 Stad. Club - Bill Berg - A photo so clear, you can see the Hartford Whalers shirt in the crowd.
1990 OPC - Rick Wamsley
1993 Classic - Darren Colbourne - My first Richmond Renegades card!
1995 Parkhurst - Kevin Dineen - Zistle tells me this card is bound for Shoebox Legends at some point. I think I sent the Emerald parallel earlier this year. Edit: Yessir!
1991 Parkhurst - Bobby Smith
2004 Ultra - Brendan Morrison - Wrapping it up with another card bound for elsewhere - this one for TMM.

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  1. Awesome thanks! Got a PWE just about ready to go for you too...