Tuesday 14 April 2015

Trading with a Junkie

Great trade packages come to those who wait. I dropped the Junior Junkie a package filled with T.J.'s (Oshie, Galliardi, Hensick) in a post Expo haze this past November, along with other misc. goodies. It was worth the wait for the return package, which rolled in a couple weeks back. Ever the punctual one, I'm just getting to it today.
What to lead with? So many possible choices, so I'll go in order with how I renamed the files after cropping - making this card from Topps laser named carter.jpg up first. It is a rather unique look for cards, I'll say that much, but the home plate on the bottom makes it a real pain to try and put it into a binder page. But, as usual, I'm picking nits.
I hate to repeat myself, but I must. I'm not building the Heritage set this year, and have purchased my last pack of the stuff. So send me your Mets!
Carter. Dekker. That means that Delgados are up next. The scene that the Metal Universe card has chosen to represent Toronto on the background are snow-capped mountain peaks. Which, of course, are prevalent in southern Ontario. But I still cannot question the insanity of the set under any circumstance.
Still stuck in the Ds for the next card - Duncan. As in Jeff Duncan.  I remember absolutely nothing about his run with the Mets, but he's now the head coach at Kent State.
Dae-Sung Koo I also recall. Mainly for the moments in this video, but still. It's hard to tell in the scan, but this green parallel is /25.
Masterpieces will be returning with an all painted hockey set this month. In the meantime, and in between time, this Vlad Guerrero card can get me ready for the release. In which I'll at least get my PC guys.
These 4 cards were just grouped together and named 'shinymets.jpg'. A perfect description, even though the X-Fractors aren't really as shiny as my file name would indicate.
And when you go alphabetically, it is only appropriate to end with a Vlad Guerrero card. And a bonus of it being a Diamond King and an Expo.

Thanks for these goodies, JJ! Maybe I'll have better luck finding a T.J. Oshie hit this time around!


  1. Topps Laser cards are the ultimate enigma. Great, innovative design, but absolute hell on a nine-pocket page.

  2. The legend of Koo! You could probably argue that double against the Big Unit is the most improbable double in history.