Saturday 4 April 2015

And The Rest...

I guess I could have done this all in one post. But, there were enough extras to probably warrant an Expo free post.
Plus, it gives me an opportunity to lead off with a post of a card from All-Time Fan Favorites is a good one.
And then the chance to follow it up with a drawn card is even better. That's all for the additions to my Mets binder, but not all for the Mets.
Since there was one addition to the Mets still to come with this Delgado onslaught. I'm always happy to add some new cards of him on the Marlins, which will help to bring them more in line ratio-wise with the rest of the collection.
And then a whole bunch of Blue Jays to wrap this up.

Thanks for the bonus cards, and I hope you like the cards I sent in your direction as well.

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