Saturday 25 April 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 95: Expos-ed

As I continue to try to make by COMC box more manageable before the Expo next weekend, here's another themed post.
While on the surface, this doesn't seem like an Expo card, although it does seem like an autograph from a scout is the type of odd thing I would purchase. The story comes on the back of the card:
As apparently he scouted Randy Johnson. For Montreal's sake, I hope he wasn't the one that also scouted Mark Langston. Although I am slightly curious how accurate a reproduction of his scouting report was.
How about continuing on with another card that I think was on my Top 10 list on one point. Yes, it was there only because it is a great view of Tony's batting stance.
And what better way to wrap an Expos post up that with a 5 pack of Vlad?

And with that, only about 80 or so cards are left in the COMC box!

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  1. Does that Cracker Jack card say Montreal Nationals? I was thrown off with that first card, at a quick glimpse I thought it was St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke. I feel bad for the guy now since it isn't.