Tuesday 21 April 2015

And the 1000th card in my 2/14 collection is:

A politician!?! Yes, the late Paul Tsongas was a 2/14 baby, and had a card issued for him as part of a Decision '92 set from Wild Card.  The junk wax era. When any sort of subject that could possibly have a card issued in their honour got one.

At least for someone with an obscure theme to a personal collection, those types of sets can be a gold mine.
And the back. For completeness sake.

On to the next 1000!


  1. Congrats on the milestone!

  2. Congrats, an impressive number for sure!

  3. "I do not want to be Santa Claus." I liked him.

  4. Congratulations on the milestone. Very cool politician trading card. Not sure where I've been... but I had no clue that he passed away almost 20 years ago.