Thursday 9 April 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 12: Ch-ch-ch-ch-change

To my slight dismay, the design of the 15 card repack at Dollarama has changed again. It had been a folded cardboard top over a plastic container that would double as a team bag. Instead of that, it is now all one plastic thing that tears open. So, I've lost an easy source for small card holders.

They still have 15 cards with 2 visible, but what are the contents like?

2007 SPX - Marian Gaborik - Leading the way is a new card for my 2/14 binder as a visible card. This is my 81st Marian Gaborik card in the collection, and my 981st overall.
1990 Bowman - Ulf Dahlen - Some repack content never changes. There's always one of these.
1994 UD - Brad May
1994 Signature Rookies - Wade Belak - I knew the late Wade Belak started with the Avs, but had no idea he had ties to the Nordiques. Apparently the Nords logo can't be used on an unlicensed card, but the fleur de lis can.
1994 Premier - Bill Guerin
1994 Parkhurst - Oleg Petrov
1991 Pro Set French - Brian Bellows - While I'm sure I have the English one of these in my Rangers alum collection, I'm not too sure about the Franch one.
2006 UD - Chris Higgins - A great UD photo. There isn't a single thing about Chris touching the ice.
1989 OPC - Glen Hanlon - At least he isn't touching his junk here.
1991 Score - Dave Taylor
1993 Classic - Jim Campbell
2005 Parkhurst - Andy McDonald - Just based on the background, this is a perfect card for any Ducks fan. Unfortunately, I just sent one off.
1991 UD - Patrick LeBeau
1990 Score - Steve Smith
2012 Black Diamond - Sidney Crosby - Can't go wrong with Crosby as a visible card to end it.

So, much the same as there was before.


  1. Not a bad repack. I can't see Brian Bellows' name without picturing Tracy Morgan going "I'm BRIAN FELLOW"

  2. "Some repack content never changes. There's always one of these."

    Are you referring to Bowman or Dahlen? I find both to be true with any hockey repack.