Thursday 23 April 2015

Common and Random

Time to continue on and show even more of the goodies that came in the justcommons order. While 1 part was 2/14 guys, and another was the Franchise Flashbacks subset from Opening Day, these are the remnants that didn't fit into either category.
I'm just going to admit I bought this because I'm immature.
And this one as well can me attributed to me maturity level even though it really isn't as juvenile as the Matt Morris photo, but my reaction to Jeff's fashion choice certainly is. Still, this one isn't the most horrific shirt choice in my collection.
This is here for the pure cool photo factor. Pitcher at the plate and a broken bat.
And a very interesting card, my second from the same Bowman set in this post. Firsty, it is a great photo of a guy I collect where he's signing autographs. But, interestingly, and somewhat meta, is that the anonymous Expo on the program is also pictured signing an autograph. I've seen cards where there is one autograph being signed, but 2. Trippy.
And finally, here are some Mets. Rich Becker for the obscure Mets factor and Dave Telgheder because it reminded me of this Red Green bit.

And that's most of the "None Of The Above" from justcommons, although some will also show up on other blogs once the mail arrives.


  1. That Morris is one of the best cards ever. And that Carter is easily one of my favorite "autograph" shots in my collection.

    I don't know what to say about Jeff Jackson's shirt.

  2. It's just Matt Morris and his gigantic ball.....

  3. Not to be a Debbie downer, but that Ramon Martinez isn't a pitcher at the plate. That Ramon was a middle infielder for the Cubs, Dodgers and a few other teams in the previous decade. Still a fantastic photo though!