Thursday 30 April 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 96: Pick 6!

I've done this before. Count off the number of cards left in my COMC box, and then fire up to select 6 number. Pull those from the box and post them. Simple!
While this probably wasn't the exact card that came up during the challenges, I found it really hard to pass on any card featuring a guy named Terwilliger. That is solely because of the Simpsons and Sideshow Bob, but still, it is a guy named Terwlliger. I think this also my first K.C. Athletics card, there in all its badly centered glory.
A football player on a hockey card"? Sounds like just the thing I'd want to add to my collection. But why would then Rams QB Bradford be on a Canucks card?
Oh. That explains it. In retrospect, his parents probably made the right decision as to relocation.
This was one of the cards I picked up with a $45.00 Black Friday spending spree I picked up through the site. I almost lost the prize, since I didn't log into the site until Monday morning, and the money expired that evening. This was one of the cheaper cards I bought, picking it up because of the Wrigley filth contained on the swatch.
Just a neat photograph, pictured perfectly and patriotically.
This was another one of the cards from that shopping spree. The auto isn't exactly pristine penmanship, and he didn't exactly have a memorable NFL career. But his name is McNutt. McNutt!
And the 6th and final Picked Six card was a shiny card featuring a pitcher at the plate. There always seems to be one or two interesting photos to fill out a Bowman set. And by interesting, I mean because of the photo as opposed to interesting because of a really bad photoshop job.

And there's 6 more out of the box. See you after the Expo!

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