Tuesday 7 April 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 11.1: Target Repack Withdrawal

I have prepared well for the exit of Target from Canada. I picked up pretty much every repack product on their shelves while they were in liquidation, and put those aside for a point in time when I desired to bust a non-hockey repack. I've got about a dozen of these around, so that should last my non-hockey repack urges through summer.

First up, a baseball repack. 50 cards, a bonus item and 4 packs. A classic! I'll start with the 4 packs.

2 packs of '13 Update. 1 pack of '13 Bowman Chrome, and a rack pack of 2012 S2. And these were surprisingly good.

The blandest of the stuff came from Update. I was hoping for some decent photos for my misc. collection, but the closest I'd get is this casual trot home on this card.
But, in terms of interesting collation, I can claim finding 3 cards for my CanCon collection in the same pack. Including the Bedard & Martin right beside one another.
And the parallels/insert in the pack. The serial number on the Tejada is >1500, making it unsuitable for serial numbered insanity.

And that's the dullest this repack had to offer.
Things got much better with the Chrome pack. Getting a shiny numbered parallel is nice. Pulling one for your favourite team. Even nicer, even though I could have picked one up for .65 at COMC. The Luis is /250. And even the base rookie was a nice pull with the Henry Owens.

But, the big winner pack-wise was the Series 2 rack pack.
Interesting photos!
Not just one gold sparkle card, but two cold sparkle cards, both of which have interesting photos on them.
A nice Sandy Koufax insert!
And perhaps the most interesting photograph of the bunch. A throwback uniform and dugout silliness combined on the same card! Still, this great pack wasn't over yet.
I found this in the middle among the inserts, so I knew something was up. The fact it was number #158 in a Series 2 pack was another hint. Had to be a SP, and some quick searching confirmed that. It also showed that this might be the absolute dullest of the SPs in the set. But that's looking a gift horse in the mouth.

While the main purpose of the repack is to thumb through and get some interesting cards that I might have missed, getting a kinda sorta hit is also nice.


  1. I've window-shopped for that Josh Reddick SP, but haven't ever pulled the trigger on one.

  2. That JJ Putz is a sweet looking card.