Tuesday 31 March 2015

Card Show Keepers

As I mentioned in the Chrome Mini post on Saturday, I hit a card show that day. Most of what I picked up will be destined for other collectors. But, I got a few keepers for myself.
Panini Classics are always a great way to start any post, especially one with an autograph. I grabbed this because Al's son Max is currently wrapping up his Junior career in Kitchener, and it is always nice to add an autograph of someone who really doesn't have too many out there, although he does pop up in random sets with a theme like Classics.

Still more autos out there than this guy:
Brian Mullen seems to only have autos in this set and a Parkhurst release. And you get the bonus of an appearance of the old school Jets logo.
The backs of these usually contained some interesting fact about the player's life that one really wouldn't find just by looking at the stats. I wouldn't have known that Mullen was a stick boy at MSG if not for the back of the card.
Well-loved vintage for a quarter!
Unfortunately for me, there were only two of these wire photo cards out of 2011 Parkhurst in the quarter bin. Otherwise, I would probably have bought one of each. An interesting concept for a card, and one that will make a return in a few weeks when Upper Deck Masterpieces returns. I'm trying to resist the urge on that and limit my purchase(s) to just a couple of packs before just grabbing the singles for my PC at the Expo a week later.
And a mention of Masterpieces seems like a nice lead-in to posting this Renditions card, also from 2011 Parkhurst.

So, I picked up a grand total of 6 loose cards for myself totalling $5. Hey, big spender!

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