Monday 9 March 2015

Only Because of Liquidation

And only because of liquidation at Target did I take a chance and pick up one of these:
I wouldn't try one of these retail only products at full price. 40 percent off? I guess I'll take the risk.

They promise 11 rookie cards, and the only thing in this product. 9 base cards. 1 mini. 1 auto. That's it.

So, what did I get for my 40 percent off the regular cost?
Here's the base cards. None of the cover boys, but a couple names that have potential with Carey and Savage. Maybe some of them could use a little less yellow, but that's my only complaint about these.
Here's my mini. There are 78 auto cards, and 100 minis. At one per pack, these might be a little scarcer than the autos. And my mini was a top 10 pick, so this one isn't too bad.
And my auto. How very Detroit Lions this pack was. While I don't like autographs where there are only initials, I'm OK with this one that uses three initials. That's probably because of my wrestling love with the RVDs and JBLs of the world.

So, there's my Turkey Red box. I don't think I'll try another one until they drop to 60 percent off.


  1. What do these retail for? If these are $19.99 and you grabbed this for $12... that's a pretty good deal. I'd probably buy a box for that price.

    1. A little more expensive due to the exchange, but with tax it went for about $15