Monday 23 March 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 87: A non-wrestling wrestler card

Just one card, but this one card is an interesting addition to one of my smallest mini-collections, and appropriate with Wrestlemania on tap for this Sunday.

Said mini-collection is cards of professional wrestlers outside of the wrestling ring. Usually, that means football cards. I've got an Angelo Mosca. I've got a Wahoo McDaniel. I really want to add an Ernie Ladd to that collection. And despite not being a football card, I'd give up a kidney to get this card, if it were an actual baseball card and not a mock-up.

And, while going through COMC Challenges, this card came up:
I entered the requested data, went on, but then went back to the card.

Hey, I know that name from somewhere.

That's not just Samuel Blackwell, as portrayed by Robert Maillet.

That's the wrestler formerly known as Kurrgan!

Kurrgan had a short run in the WWF in 1997ish, and was probably best remembered as one of the Oddities, and in Hollywood as the big guy who fought (and legit knocked loopy) Robert Downey Jr. during Sherlock Holmes.

Either way, this a far cooler addition to my collection than just the base card (and not much more expensive than that.).


  1. Cool card. I'd really love to have a 'real' baseball card of Poffo as well... Oh Yeeaahh!!!

  2. Awesome card. I was asking myself "where do I know that guy from" despite not being a wrestling fan, and I think you nailed it with the Sherlock Holmes film.

  3. Nice I didn't even recognize him, I would have passed it without even thinking twice. I liked Kurrgan though, I wish he had a longer run.

    As for the Poffo card, I would love to see that as a real card too. That could be a nice insert set for the Topps wrestling brand: Wrestlers in Other Sports, I'd like to see a Brian Pillman Bengals card too.

  4. I've got you covered on the Ladd, so don't add anything of his!