Tuesday 17 March 2015

Pay for a Blaster. Get a Hobby Box. - Part 2 of 2

And packs 6 through 10 to finish the box.

Pack 6:
A Celtics card does seem like a good way to start a post for 3/17. Yet another parallel to card /199 out of this pack. The cards with longer-haired players look really nice in this format.

Pack 7:
No numbered cards here, but I'm still happy about the Elfrid Payton, mainly for the reason he is the son of CFL HOFer Elfrid Payton Sr. I'm not sure how that will translate to a career in the NBA, but it definitely made for some interesting stories on the sportscast when the Magic visited the Raptors.

Pack 8:
So I guess Nerlens Noel wasn't the only 76er to get a card issued with summer league uniforms.

Pack 9:
And here's the relic card in the box. It is numbered out of /199. That's nice, but I like that Bob Pettit insert far more, and it is all because of the little St. Louis Hawks logo in the upper corner. I always love when the logo used matches the photo.
And, despite the shiny front, the back has a really nice design with a vintage feel.

And there's a Tim Hardaway Jr for whenever I send a new package to TMM.

Pack 10:
Start the 3/17 post with a pack containing a Celtics card, wrap it up with the same. This is also a back-to-back pack with a card for TMM with the Jamal Crawford. And finally there's yet another parallel, but this one is /99 on the Blake Griffin. That's probably the best of the parallels in terms of player content, and since this is 1/99, I can call this as an EBAY 1/1!!!!!~~~!

Of course, I must take my douche pills beforehand.

And there's the box. If I paid full price for this, I'd probably have a middling reaction to it. No major pulls, but getting something for a PC was nice with the Ennis auto. But, at the cost of a blaster this was more tolerable.

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  1. Wow he back of that Pettit card looks better than the front.