Wednesday 4 March 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 83: A Raptors kinda day

I posted a Raptors redemption this morning that knocked a pretty tough Raptors alum off my all-time list. With this posting, it should put me at a complete status as of the start of this season. But, then someone who had a cup of coffee with the Raptors will sneak in with a card in a set I've never heard of. So this project will always be a work in progress.
First up, here's someone who only played in a handful of games over two seasons. And it doesn't appear to have any cards as a Raptor. Sean was the first New Zealander to reach the NBA, but he still didn't get any NBA level cards until several years later. After his tenure in Toronto, of course. So, this one where he is listed as a Raptor will have to do. Sean has earned a pair of NBA rings with the Spurs, one as a player, and another as a coach.
There are at least 4 Raptors for whom their only listed/pictured Raptors card is from an Adrenalyn release. I guess there is some benefit to it being a 300 card set with no inserts and a handful of parallels. O'Bryant joins Antoine Wright, Julian Wright and Reggie Evans. Any port in a storm for the Frankenset.
Haywoode Workman only spent 13 games with the Raptors in 2000, but still earned a card for the end of his playing career. He still makes appearances in Toronto, though, since he's been an active NBA referee for several years.
All I remember about Eric Williams is that he was part of the Vince Carter trade. He never managed to put up great numbers during his time in Toronto, but being part of that equation meant he never would really get a chance.
Aaron Williams also came over in the Carter trade. I do have a relic card of his, but this is my first base card of his (I think this was the only one he got in Toronto). Also notable on this one is the reverse of the card:
Just a smidgen off-center, even though the hologram is in the right place. Ebay 1/1!

But, there were familiar faces to my collection in this COMC shipment:
Such as this Marcus Camby, albeit with a groan inducing subset name of Hoop Screams.
And here's a base card from one of my favourite sets - Court Kings. They've definitely got a non-traditional look to them, and the matte finish only enhances my love for them.
Start with a hit. End with a hit. That always makes for an interestin sandwich of posts. I picked this up for $2.01 experimenting with the auctions that COMC was running late last year. The photo portion of this card is on an acetate background, making for a nice looking addition to my collection, especially since this isn't a plain white swatch.

And that's another page's worth of cards for the Raptors collection.

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