Saturday 14 March 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 9 - My Final Target Hockey Repack

The local Target will be closing in about a week. So, one last go through their card aisle today sounded like a plan. I've already got about dozen repacks previously purchased and are waiting to get posted when the feeling hits. But, I grabbed a couple things today as a farewell. There was one of the Target exclusive Panini Prestige basketball boxes. I think these were the second tier of them, with 3 promised hits. I got that for the cost of a regular blaster. I picked up the last 4 pack/50 cards/bonus box they had, and had some pretty nice pulls from that. And I grabbed the last hockey card product on the shelves, a 3 pack/1 relic product.

The three packs were 10-11 Upper Deck S1, 06-07 Power Play and 08-09 OPC. I'll hit them in order.
Starting with the Power Play, which I never busted at the time. And it isn't too bad in terms of PC adding. I am batting .500 with a Senator and a pair of mask binder cards. Forsberg as a Flyer is also interesting, as he was originally drafted by them before being shipped to Quebec as part of the Lindros deal. That actually negated all of his draft pick cards from being zero year cards, albeit 14 years or so late.
2008 OPC is next. You gotta love that basic old school face mask on Vachon.
When you bust some UD, you're hoping for a Young Gun card. Needless to say by looking at the image, that didn't happen. But I'll always remember the John Tavares YG I pulled from a UD pack in a repack last year.  This Tavares doesn't have the same oomph to it.

But that Vermette photo is a nice one.

And the hit:
Not bad. It is someone I've heard of. It is two colour swatch, and it will be a card destined for the masked binder. Looks like a keeper.

And that's my final Target hockey repack.

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  1. Nice repack--you got a nice goalie hit and I'm digging the Vachon. Will you please let me know if I can get the Lidstrom next time you send stuff my way?