Monday 9 March 2015

Insomnia Surprise Box Special!

It is 4:45 in the morning as I begin typing this up, so I guess that makes it the right time to show off the contents of the latest Surprise Box picked up at Ye Olde Dollarama.

This one contained 3 packs (89-90 UD, 90-91 Pinnacle and 13-14 Score) and a 4 card goalie pack. Chronologically seems the best way to go through the sealed pack portion of this before I reach the repacked cards.
The UD pack was incredibly dull, but there were a couple keepers with this sketched card of Ray Bourque, and this card of Rangers alum Don Maloney. One other thing about Maloney I learned thanks to the awesome @opeecheestars on twitter: I can shoehorn him into my 2/14 collection as well, as he made his debut on 2/14. And if you're not following that twitter handle, you should be.
I think my favourite of the packs would go to Pinnacle, which is surprising, considering how much I liked the last Score hockey release. You've got throwback unis (including another alum in the late Shawn Burr), a nice shot of Vachon's classic mask, one of those Sidelines card with diving aficionado Brian Benning, and it wraps up with one of the more horrific looking cards of the junk wax era. Kelly Miller might be a good guy, but he looks like a human Pez dispenser.
Score's photo choices last year were so great. For a card with a player who has his back to the camera, and is only in a small portion of the photo, that Foligno makes that work.
And the goalie pack was a Jim Carey hot pack! But, I will never say anything about a pack that includes a McDonald's 3D Pinnacle card. Even if the other Carey is a dupe, and another of the 4 cards doesn't really work as part of the mask binder.

And there we go. Now let's see if I can salvage an hour of shuteye.

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