Thursday 5 March 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 84: 2/14 hockey

A new face. An old face in an unfamiliar jersey. Team-issued sets. And 6 more new cards in my 2/14 binder to put my overall total at 957.
I'll start with the unfamiliar jersey. This is my first Milan Hejduk card in which the NHL jersey he's wearing is not an Avalanche one. While I guess it technically is one for the same franchise, this is still a nice oddity in my collection. I don't think he has any other cards out there where he's pictured in the Nordiques jersey, and the only other ones out there are international or all-star jerseys. So this is a special addition to the Milan Hejduk portion of the collection. I can also see how his autograph has gone a wee bit downhill over time.
Now this is a little more familiar to the 2/14 collection. A Hejduk Avs card.
Here's the other one I mentioned in the opening paragraph. Mike Bishop of the Kitchener Rangers, in a local police set from 1984. I probably already have this card somewhere, seeing as I had cards from this set back in the day, but it is nice to have one in my actual binder.
And one Kitchener Rangers alum from a local set deserves another. Here's the late Walt Poddubny on a card from a 1990-91 Devils team set.
A nice shiny rainbow card is up next, featuring Matt Campanale, who has played in one more NHL game than yours truly. But, it doesn't matter if he played zero games, he's still welcome in my collection, although getting his cards would probably be tougher. Interestingly, I've got the foil parallel from this set and the retro parallel, but not the base card. Matt is playing in Milan now.
A non gaudy Pacific card. Say it ain't so Jo-hansson!
Another obscure set for the collection. This time the Swedish edition of 1997 Collector's Choice. Amazingly, this is my second card of Marko Jantunen, considering he never had any cards released on this side of the Atlantic.
And much yesterday's Raptors post. Start with an auto. End with a relic. This isn't game worn, instead coming from a reunion game. But, since there don't seem to be too many game worn relics out there, I'll gladly take this instead. At least it is Montreal red.

And that's the latest addtions to the binder.

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