Sunday 8 March 2015

Trade w/ Kyle W.

A simple trade. A couple big hits for a lot of little ones for my PC.

I'll just start with some base, and a little damage to my set building of S1 UD flagship. Classic Devils green from the Stadium Series game at Yankee Stadium is a great way to start off some UD.
And honourable mention to this nice second year card of local boy Tanner Pearson.
One more UD card of note, this being a nice new addition to my 2-14 collection. From the always fun Canvas subset, nothing beats a card with a playoff beard. And judging by that patch, this was from the final round.
A couple Alfies that were on my zistle wantlist have dropped off.
Time for a few new additions to my Sens collection. Starting with this Curtis Lazar out of the National Hockey Card Day set. This is my first base card of his. There are a few more people who have made their Sens debut that I've got to look for cards for. David Legwand and Alex Chiasson have cards in S2 of UD, and I'll be looking for their cards. Also, Matt Puempel, Shane Prince and Chris Dreidger all made their NHL debuts this year. Even though the latter has stayed on the bench, that should still be enough to earn him a card. But, I do always have his 'drafted by' card from ITG Between the Pipes. Puempel and Prince are also Kitchener Rangers alums, so I'll be looking for more than one card of them.
More Sens! With a nice relic of Erik Karlsson. The white relic actually works much nicer with the design than a coloured swatch.
And here's an on-card Lehnergraph.
Continuing with the hockey theme, there were a couple of new additions to my aforementioned Rangers alumni collection, starting with a rookie card of the only player to win a Memorial, Calder and Stanley Cup alongside Olympic gold. Wiki says he is the only player to have won the first three, but Kitchener Rangers alumni Wendell Young also achieved that feat.
Also going to the Rangers collection is my first Nazem Kadri hit.
To finally wrap up the hockey is this, which will be a nice addition to my collection of obscure birthplaces. While Nigeria itself isn't an obscure nation, it certainly is for hockey birthplaces, with Aliu and Rumun Ndur being the only NHLers with that as their birthplace.
And that wraps up the hockey. On to football. Not long after this card's arrival, my 2013 mancrush was off to Philly. At least I only have a couple cards of his in my collection, and not this shameful jersey.
TJ Graham is also no longer a bill, but I love that there are 3 colours on the Triple Threads relic, and an on-card autograph on the second.
And to wrap it up, a pair of wrestling relics. The last ring mat piece I pulled was a Randy Orton one from Wrestlemania 27. I couldn't get that out of my house fast enough, since he's been the guy to make me change the channel to anything else for years. Ryback has a goofy charm to him, as does Khali, who was a slight guilty pleasure of mine, is also a welcome. And it is a two colour relic, probably the same one as in the photo.

So, thanks for the goodies!

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