Friday 6 March 2015

Trading Across the Atlantic

Most of my trades involve crossing a border. Not all of them involve crossing the Atlantic, but a recent trade with The Card Papoy meant a Blue Jay oriented trade that saw my package cross the Atlantic to France. Here's the highlights of the return package. I apologize for the brevity. I'm just not feeling chatty tonight.
Let's lead wiuth a card that I wanted upon release, but never got around to adding until this package showed up. I really like that Roy got a pair of base cards in 2014 as a Blue Jay. While this is not on par with his first pitch card from Stadium Club.

Speaking of SC:
I love the red jerseys, and cannot get enough of cards that have them. There always seems to be one every year.
It wasn't just baseball, as my mask binder got some new (caged) faces. The Muzzatti is a dupe, but that cards also deserves to have a copy of it in my "cool card" binder.
But back to the baseball, which saw my Mookie collection grow. Even though he only spent a little time in Toronto, the ratio of his Mets cards to Blue Jay cards is still way out of kilter.
Diamond Kings!

But the best of all:
Lots of Delgados! There were 20+ Delgados in this package, and only a couple of them were dupes. I'm really tempted to try to swipe that Delgado studio card in a random credit card machine to see what happens. Maybe I'll have a Santos L. Halper moment and clear out the LCS.

And there we have another post. Thanks for the goodies! I'll try look for some more of those team sets at the Expo in May!

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