Sunday 1 December 2013

Expo Goodies Post 23 - I love the 70's! - Part 2

More fun with the big box of randomness I dug through at the Expo. No standard 2*3 cards in this post.
Way back over the summer, I pulled a George Scott Hostess card as a bonus item in a repack. So, seeing there were also Hostess cards in this one, I had to pick up a couple. Here's one that puts me halfway towards completing the George Scott Hostess collection. That's one giant Twinkie stain.
This other one is a little less stained, but still has some awkwardness from the original cutter of the card. It's another neat one.
I'll confess I've never heard of Gary Sutherland prior to pulling his card. Still, why not? It's an oddball!
Now here's someone I've heard of. This particular card is apparently a short print. Although in this well-loved condition, it probably wouldn't matter to any collector. But for me, it is my first White Sox card with the early/mid 70s red uniforms, so it is a keeper.
Continuing the not-quite-2*3 theme, I picked up an even dozen 1975 minis. A pair of Mets were the highlights here. Actually, any appearance of Le Grand Orange is a highlight.
But this Cleon Jones is a pretty nice addition in its own right.
And here's one for the Expos binder. Ah, 1975. When a grand total of two cards were needed to complete a Topps rainbow.
These 9 make up the rest of the dozen. We've ghot a couple of future Mets on the bottom with Kingman & Valentine (no they're not miscut, I just hosed up the scan). In the middle, we've got the Blue Jays first ever starting pitcher. There's some pure 70s hair in Frank Taveras, and even a couple notable names with the Oliva and Borbon. All in all, despite the fact that none of these are anything close to mint, I'm very happy to welcome all these into my collection.