Wednesday 4 December 2013

Expo Goodies Post 25 - I love the 80s! Just not as much as the 70s...

At least in the sense of the Expo, as I'm only going to manage one day worth of posts out of these Expo cards.

Let's open with a not-that costly autograph. It came from the much loved El Cheapo box, and cost me about 25 cents. It still isn't my cheapest auto in my collection, still falling behind a 20 cent Kent Tekulve. Neither one is certified, but I can't imagine there's somebody out there forging autographs for either. Jeff's a former Expo and Met, so I've got that.
Up next, a pair of Jim Abbotts. There's one you've likely seen a lot of, and one you haven't seen too much before. In fact, it was the first time I'd ever seen the card on the left. An oddball. Fortunately, a quick fliup to the back answered all. It's a 1989 card from a Baseball's Best set which in turn was from Pacific Cards & Comics.
Random card of a pitcher with French on the back #1!
 Random card of a pitcher with French on the back #2!
And finally, 8 Hall of Famers! Half of which would be the type of cards that helped me learn back in the 80s. Reggie, Ryne, Nolan and Fergie are all bilingual cards. The remaining are all boring old plain English Topps.

Another decade done. That was easy! I can see that there is actually a bottom in my box of Expo cards!

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