Friday 13 December 2013

Trading my Way to the Clubhouse

Mark over at TWTTC is working on getting at least one card of every Met ever. I've dropped a couple envelopes his way. A second envelope made its way here this past week, joining at least 3 others that have been piling up. This one consisted primarily of Buffalo Bills.
Mark actually showed this card this weekend in the Bills preview and I was immediately enthralled by this piece of cardboard. So much so, it went right onto my zistle wantlist. It spent a little over 24 hours there before disappearing with the arrival of this card Monday. If any card showcases the weather aspect of football, this one does. This is a gorgeous addition to my Bills collection, and since Bruce was probably my favourite Bill, easily my favourite of the bunch.
Second place goes to this Andre Reed card. With so many cards showing the player making a great catch, here's a nice simple one of Andre awaiting the catch.
I don't care if it is a Pro Set card, I still can't get enough of Talley rocking the Spiderman colours.
Here's the most recent card for my binders - a Platinum of CJ Spiller.
There were three cards of Doug Flutie in the package. My favourite is easily this one with the infield dirt still in place
Norwood celebrating a field goal? Ouch. This card hurt.
It's 1995 Fleer. Everything that can be said has been said.
And to wrap it up, two cards of a future Bill, but more importantly, two more cards away from my goal of 600 different cards in my 2-14 binder by 2-14. Sure, I could pick up a lot of Steve McNair or Richard Hamilton cards on ebay, but what's the fun of that?

Anyhoo, thanks for the Bills, and keep your eye on your mailbox for a small envelope heading your way!

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