Saturday 14 December 2013

Trade w/ Coot Veal and the Vealtones

Back when I was busting my way through my Update Jumbo Box,  I pulled a manufactured ring card for Ty Cobb. CVatV expressed interest. I shipped off the card and some misc. Tigers, and this was what came my way in return.

My favourite card in the bunch was one that was completely unexpected. Way, way off-center? Sure. But it is my first Mets team card from the 60s, so it is a welcome addition to my collection.
Another vintage card featuring a Met was also in there, but this is more likely to end up in my Canadians in MLB collection, due to the presence of Fergie in the #1 slot.
Hits? OF course, there were some of those. A nice on-card autograph of future Blue Jay Esmil Rogers is the highlight here. At least I can parse some letters in the autograph. And Esmil's number! There's that too.
For me, there's no such thing as a bad hit of Mike Piazza. It's my 3rd relic of his, and my 39th total card of his. For former and current Mets, he only trails Wright and Reyes.
Although not one of those three comes close to the top 2 in my collection, Carlos Delgado and Vladimir Guerrero. Vlad jumped over the 100 mark after this bat relic...
and these base cards.
Joe Carter also leads the three aforementioned Mets, although the # of cards I have of his from outside the Blue Jays era is minimal. So, even junk wax era cards are very welcome in his binder.
Outside of the vintage Mets cards, this was my favourite. Any sort of painted/drawn card usually is my default favourite.
And since one good 1993 UD card deserves another. A great close up of a HOFer is my favourite Jays card in the envelope.

Thanks for the goodies and the great trade!

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  1. Thanks a ton for the trade. Love that Cobb and all the others. Glad you enjoyed.