Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Expo Goodies - Part 20

Must. Continue. With. Dime. Box. Goodies.

A 1970 Rod Carew for a ten cent piece. It has a slight crease. The corners aren't the best. There is a fading. But it is a Rod Carew. A Hall of Famer. A first ballot Hall of Famer. For a dime!

How about a card of a speedy prospect for a dime as well?
I'm not a Ryan Garko fan at all. I just grabbed this one because I liked the picture. Specifically, I liked how the Metrodome's distinctive right-field wall looms behind Ryan. It contrasts greatly with a player readying for batting practice. My only complaint - Ryan's not a lefty. Still, this is a nice hidden gem of a card picture.

I picked up a Robbie Alomar Mets card. I might as well get a second card of a guy that I want to forget about concerning his time at Shea.
A couple of Red Sox Diamond Kings.
A prospects card of beloved Blue Jay Ernie Whitt? Sure. It can suffice until the 1978 rookie card gets here from the COMC Black Friday sale.

And finally, one that set me back a quarter:

A great shot of a great catch from a Mets rookie.

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