Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Zellers is closing, so I'll Bust Blasters - Part 1

 The local Zellers is closing, and I decided to finally take a trip into one to see if they still had any cards. They had a grand total of two blaster boxes left. They were repacks of unopened packs, with supposedly 16 packs worth $40.00. I thought there's be 15 Pro Set packs, and maybe one high end pack. I decided to risk one, since with the discount it worked out to about a dollar a pack pre-tax. I took a look inside, realized it was mainly mid late 00's stuff, and figured I'd have fun busting it. So I went back to pick the other one up, and busted my way through them. So, there's gonna be a lot of hockey cards posted over the next week.

I'll post all the cards with little rhyme or reason to them. First up is some 07-08 Fleer Ultra. The Sedin card is a really nice parallel, but I think my favourite is the Gaborik, since it fits into the hockey portion of my birthday binder.
Nothing much to see in this pack. I guess my favourite Latendresse rookie, since he's now a Senator. If any Isles fans still exist and read this, really sorry to remind you of the Yashin trade.
Ugh. Way too much silver and black in these cards. While Luongo's card will be a nice addition to the goalie mask binder, I like the Winter Classic insert a little bit more. Sadly, the write-up on the back says nothing about Richards' performance in the game. It just has a short paragraph about him. Sigh.
More Ultra! From 08-09 this time. It is a little tough to pick my favourite out of this pack. I'm leaning towards the Shanahan card, but the Ovechkin is a really nice horizontal card, and it is also nice to see a another pretty good player in a parallel. I can't complain when the worst card in the pack is a Leaf.

The 08-09 Ultra are probably my favourite of these four, with the other Ultras close behind.

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  1. I checked out my Zellers a few weeks ago and found no boxes or packs of cards---sigh---but Dollarama on the same plazaot in more of the $2.00 surprise boxes--might get a couple more