Sunday, 2 December 2012

Diamond King Draft - Part 4 of 4

2005 Donruss Studio Portraits Mark Teixeira #d 32/55. 12th rounder. Not too sure why I picked this one. I guess it was just a nice enough card.
05-06 Upper Deck Jason Terry jersey. An 8th round pick. Much like the Greene jersey earlier, I picked this one up for the Celtics connection. The card is a Mavericks card. However, when one flips the card over, it's actually from an Atlanta Hawks game. That would have been fun to handle in a group break.
2008 Co-Signers David Wright/Reyes #d 229/250. 10th round.
2007 Topps David Wright jersey. 4th round. A pair of David Wrights. My Mets collection was very happy with the results of this draft. 6 of my first 10 cards picked up in this draft were Mets.
2004 Donruss Elite Michael Young ‘Round Numbers’ #d 233/500. A 17th round. Esteban Loaiza. Sigh.
2007 SP Vince Young jersey. The 20th round for a jersey card. Sure. Why not? I picked this one up because it seemed to mix perfectly with the Tarvaris Jackson I grabbed earlier.

And that wraps things up. I guess it is back to Expo cards next time. Or those ones I got from Sportlots. Or that nifty Keith Miller I picked up in a repack. Decisions. Decisions.


  1. I cringed when I saw the Michael Young. Didn't know many Jays cards of him existed. I wish they did not.

  2. The initial Studio releases were a bit cheesy but that Tex looks great.