Friday, 14 December 2012

Expo Goodies - Part 22

Time for a decidedly Quebec feel to the dime box hunting. Non Gary Carter Expos and O-Pee-Chee/Leaf cards! I'll start with cards from the latter category. 
A rookie card from Hall of Pretty Good type player. I never realized how important OPC cards were until I started going to Montreal on a regular basis to cheer on the visiting Mets. Despite having not seen the cards in years, I still knew the French terms for the postions, meaning I didn't need to look to the English translations to find out what AC was the abbreviation for. (AC = Arret Court = Shortstop). So, I speak enough French to perform the announcements at a baseball game, and to get slapped by the female populace of Laval.
And some more French Baines, this time in 86 Diamond King form.
And more French on the back with this Brett Butler.
How about a rookie card of Will Clark? I always liked the OPC backs in comparison to the Topps versions. A lot brighter for the 80s sets. 
"Liste de controle" sounds far more official than "Team checklist" for this card. 
My last card of the show with some French on it, part of trio of 1986 Andres Gallarragas I grabbed.
Interesting to see a middle name on the front of the card.
And for no reason other than I thought it looked interesting, a Donruss Archives...Heritage...Originals of Jose Vidro. 

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