Saturday, 8 December 2012

Expo Goodies - Part 18

Yes! A Mookie rookie for a dime! My absolute favourite player! As I often say, I started cheering for the Mets because an 8 year old me was so in love with the fact that they had a player named 'Mookie' with them. As I got older, I didn't start cheering for the Nets/Hawks because of Mookie Blaylock. Or the Toronto Argonauts because of Mookie Mitchell. In that way, I've matured. But I've stayed loyal to the Mets. Although I confess that this is the first off season in about 20 years that I've been more anxious for the Jays to start spring training than the Mets. They don't play each other this year. I can live with that.

Back to some more Diamond Kings, one of whom is now deceased. I love the background on the Hubbard. Diamonds on a Diamond King card. So simple! I think I may have picked up way too many Diamond King cards that day. I still think I've got about a dozen or so to scan and post. *checks show box*. Nope. 16.  Make that 15.

I was really glad to pick up that 1983 Topps card for a dime. The background on the Brett DK is very 80s, but I did still get a bonus as it was a Leaf card and not a Donruss. The death of bilingual baseball cards on this side of the border is yet another reason I miss the Expos.

And more French on the back with two out of these three HoJo cards. I'd still rather see "Traded to/Signed by" on the card instead of a ridiculous photoshopped/airbrushed jersey.

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  1. That Brett Stadium Club card is really neat. Definitely a nice pickup for a dime!