Monday 31 December 2012

COMC Black Friday Goodies Finally Arrive - Part 2

Let's move to the halfway mark of the cards that I picked up.

This is one of those cards that I've always wanted. I'm finally happy to have the Pinch Run. card added into my collection of oddities. This card is definitely one of those. Turn it over, and all you have are the base running stats. This is certainly a unique moment in baseball card production.

One of my goals over the year was to put together a 1975 Mets team set, a nice mix of my favourite team and my birth year. I'd been slowly adding a common here, and a common there, putting me to the point where the only card I needed was the costliest - Tom Seaver.  I finally picked it up on Black Friday to complete the team set. I didn't really care much about what condition it would be in, I just needed it. Finally, for just a smidge over a dollar, this one finished the team set and the goal.
I will never tire of cards that commemorate that home run. Never.
This one seemed like a bizarre pick for me. I'm a Bills fan, and really don't want to chase a Vikings card. But, Smith might be my favourite NFLer who never made a stop in a Bills uniform. The reason is shown on the back of this card:

Yup. I'm a MSTie. Time to add a card that mentions one of my favourite shows, and a relic for a guest star. There aren't any Leonard Maltin ones out there, are there?
Why I didn't pull this one from a 25 cent bin at the Expo is beyond me. Black Friday was a chance to fix that moment of foolishness.
Finally, a good picture of one of my favourite masks in recent memory - Steve Shields and his salute to Gerry Cheevers. I love when the history of the game gets a nod on the masks. Cory Schneider is another recent one that I just love for the exact same reason. Check out Cory's Upper Deck base card from last year for an example of that.


  1. MST3K! I watch about 3 episodes a week on You Tube. Man I miss that show!

  2. Nice stuff! I'm especially partial to the Shields, of course. Also, MST3K is awesome, obviously.