Sunday, 2 December 2012

Diamond King Draft - Part 3 of 4

1970 Topps Boog Powell All Star. 15th round. If I'd seen the back of the card before the front I'm sure this would have ended up a lot higher on my list. One of those cards where the front is incidental. I didn't even bother scanning it. It can't live up to expectations.

Someone's got to follow that great card up. Unfortunately for Jose Reyes, it's this card:

2002 Bowman Chrome Jose Reyes. 7th round. Nothing actively bad about this card. It's a nice early Jose Reyes card. But it will never be great as that Boog. Also nice that I can actively cheer for Jose again with his arrival in Toronto this spring. Carlos Delgado might have some competition as my favourite player to suit up for the Jays and Mets.

There aren't a lot of Pete Rose cards with him as an Expo. I didn't have one. I remedied that in the 13th round.

2008 Upper Deck X Johan Santana jersey NO-han was my #1 pick. Sure, it's a Twins relic, but he's listed as a Met. That's good enough for me.

2005 Diamond Kings Darryl Strawberry ‘Framed Red’ And the Mets cards just keep on coming. A 6th round pick. Strawberry has been a Diamond King twice, and I picked up cards from both within a day of each other. One at the Expo. The other in this draft.

I wasn't too sure what to pick in the first bonus round. I guess you can't go wrong with a Gypsy Queen of Ichiro Suzuki.

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  1. Any card of Pete Rose as an Expo is a nice pickup in my book!